Find Printed Sources on Women’s History

Through our library catalogue Kata — named after the Swedish female socialist Kata Dalström — you can retrieve a lot of printed material concerning women.

This article is part of the project Worlds of Women - International Material in ARAB’s CollectionsThe use of subject headings is one way of finding this material. Below is a list containing some useful subject headings concerning women. Worth mentioning is that the terms are divided into head- and subterms and that we are in most cases displaying the head term only.

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SAO (Swedish Subject Headings) Corresponding LoC Subject Headings
Arbetarkvinnor Working class women
Feminism Feminism
Kvinnlig rösträtt Women – Suffrage
Kvinnofrigörelse Feminism (women’s liberation)
Kvinnoförtryck Sex discrimination against women
Kvinnohistoria Women’s studies
Kvinnopolitik Women – Government policy
Kvinnor i arbetarrörelsen Women in the labor movement
Kvinnor i fackföreningsrörelsen Women labor union members
Kvinnor i politiken Women in politics
Kvinnor och fred Women and peace
Kvinnor Women
Kvinnor – arbete och arbetsmarknad Women – Employment
Kvinnor – historia Women – History
Kvinnorörelsen Feminism (women’s rights movement)
Kvinnor – periodika Women – Periodicals