Catalogues & Indexes

In addition to the archival and library catalogues, we also have a few older records and catalogues. These can only be used at our premises. They are either older card catalogs or registers of copyrighted or other sensitive information that we can not publish externally on the Internet.


Archival indexes & catalogues

Archival Catalogue

We receive requests for archival material by the reference code which belong to each volume, found in the archival catalogue. Our older Collection Index and separate older registers are however only found at our premises. Address the Research Desk for any kind of questions.

Index according to type of material

Direct links. Accessible only at our premises.

Library indexes & catalogues

Library Catalogue

Either you are a registered user or a first-time user, you can browse the catalogue and make requests. Address the Research Desk for any kind of questions.

Manual Catalogues

The older parts of our collections are sometimes only accessible through the old manual catalogues.

If you are looking for a older print that you suspect that we have, but can’t find in the library’s web catalogue, it is probable that it could be described in one of the two older manual catalogues we have. These are however only accessible at our premises:

  • Manual Note Catalogue (-1966)
  • Manual Card Catalogue (1967-)