Research and education regarding labour history is one of our areas of activity. The aim is to stimulate research on the labour movement and employment, focusing on both history and topical issues.

For this purpose, we publish the journal Arbetarhistoria, have a research council, collaborate with Swedish and foreign universities and other research institutions, organize conferences and seminars, and initiate, participate in or publish our own publications.

As an institution, and as individual employees at the institute, we are members of various committees and cooperation bodies that organize planning meetings, seminars, conferences and publishes papers, often with a clear research focus.

The institution assist in the supervision of students and graduate students, arrange group tours and collaborates with other organisations and institutions in order to increase interest in the history of work and the labour movement history. Our employees also participate in ongoing research.

The Facebook group Nordic Labour History Network

There is a Facebook group for the Nordic Labour History Network. It aims  to increase collaborations among historians. Here you can discuss research ideas and questions, and share information about academic papers. You have to be a member to post and see the content of the group.

The mailing list Nordic Labour History on Sunet isn’t in use anymore. It was closed down in May 2020.

Welcome to Nordic Labour History Network on Facebook!


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