Research Committee

The Research Committee at Swedish Labour Movement’s Archives and Library is an scientific advisory body and not a funding one. The duties include promoting research on labour history, disseminating research results and to promote dialogue between researchers and organization representatives.

The Research Committee started in 1981. The members of the Committee are from research as well as organzations within the labour movement. The members are appointed by the Board of Swedish Labour Movement’s Archives and Library. The head of the institute is a member of the Committee. Our Research Secretary functions as the Secretary of the Committee.

The Committee arranges seminars, generally once a year, often in collaboration with other institutes and organizations. The seminars are often documented in the journal Arbetarhistoria. The Committee is also responsible for book-publications.

The Committee gathers, about three times a year, combined with shorter seminars where planned, on-going or recently finished research is presented.

The Committee is since 1995 yearly selecting an awarder of the Rudolf Meidner-prize for research in history in the trade union movement.

Members of the Research Council

  • Chairman, Ella Niia, (Stockholm)
  • Joa Bergold, Trade Union Confederation (Stockholm)
  • Lars Berggren, Professor (Lund/Landskrona)
  • Håkan Blomqvist, Docent (Huddinge)
  • Barbro Budin, IUF (Genève)
  • Mikael Eivergård, Head of Institution, Swedish Labour Movement’s Archives and Library (Huddinge)
  • Mary Hilson, Professor (Aarhus)
  • Jonny Jakobsson, ombudsman Kommunal (Stockholm)
  • Inger Jonsson, Docent (Uppsala/Stockholm)
  • Knut Kjeldstadli, Professor (Oslo)
  • Malin Klingzell-Brulin, Editor, Livs (Stockholm)
  • Jens Ljunggren, Professor (Stockholm)
  • Johanna Overud, University Lektor (Umeå)
  • Nina Sjöberg, Regional Archivist (Uppsala)
  • Holger Weiss, Professor (Åbo)
  • Jenny Jansson, Political Scientist (Uppsala)
  • Secretary of the Research Committee, Silke Neunsinger