Women’s archives with an international profile

Photo: Pressfoto H. Svensson. Source: ARAB, Morgonbris, 1810:39256.

Catalogue of women’s archives with an international profile at the Labour Movement Archives and Library, including a short presentation of the archives’ contents.

The catalogue was created using inventories drawn up by Margareta Ståhl with supplementary and editorial work by archivists Martin Grass and Ulf Jönson.

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This article is part of the project Worlds of Women - International Material in ARAB’s CollectionsThis is the final version, a product of the project, which is no further updated. It is suitable for printing, browsing and reading. For more details and possible future updates within the catalogued materials you need to search the archives database.


Following archives and collections were included in the catalogue at the end of the project.

Archive/collection Reference no. Size Period
Ahlberg, Iris 3082 1 volume 1950-1951
Arbetsmarknadens kvinnonämnd (The Joint Female Labour Council) 1239 81 vol. + 1,5 shelf metres of books 1951-1975
Bergman, Helfried 59 0,1 1921-1940
Branting-Westerståhl, Sonja 93 15 volumes 1902-1960
Croner, Nelly 115 4 volumes 1920-1960s
Dalström, Kata 121 30 volumes 1890s-1923
Ekendahl, Sigrid 134 2 volumes 1950-1977
Engkvist, Greta 1936 14 volumes 1930-1950s
Eriksson, Signe 4275 1 volume 1930-1960s
Ettlinger, Ruth 4230 1 volume 1963
Flood, Hulda 161 28 volumes 1926-1967
Gradin, Anita 1824 111 volumes 1973-1992
Grönvall, Hanna 183 7 volumes 1911-1930s
Gustafson, Ruth 188 2 volumes 1910-1954 (various years)
Hedenvind, Astrid 211 1 volume 1963, no date
Herrängens socialdemokratiska kvinnoklubb (The Herrängen Social Democratic Women’s Club) 2622 2 volumes 1961-1963
Höglund, Elsa 5247 Approx. 30 volumes
Internationella kvinnodagen 8:e marskommittén (International Women’s Day: The 8 March Committee) 1241 1 volume 1979-1981
Internationella socialistiska kvinnokonferenser [samling] (International Socialist Women’s Conferences [collection]) 3579 1 volume 1907-1969
Jansson, Margit 271 3 volumes 1920-1960s
Kvinnor för fred (Women for Peace) 4324 107 volumes 1970-1990s
Kvinnor för fred i Stockholm (Stockholm Women for Peace) 3464 16 volumes 1989-1992
Leijon, Anna-Greta 1950 100 volumes 1972-1994
Lindgren, Emma 1468 3 volumes 1935-1987
Lindley, Elin 363 4 volumes 1910s
LO:s kvinnoråd (The Swedish Trade Union Confederation’s Women’s Council) 4569 62 volumes 1947-1967
Myrdal, Alva and Gunnar 405 Approx. 1700 volumes 1902-1986
Ohlson, Judith 1537 17 volumes 1920-1990s
Ottesen-Jensen, Elise 1586 30 volumes 1920-1960s
Palme, Lisbet 2822 Approx. 130 volumes 1986-1999
Pettersson, Hilma 469 1 volume 1935
Pripp, Anna-Stina 477 6 volumes 1909-1966
Rothman, Kajsa 2449 0,1 1934-1938
Rössel, Agda 4824 1948-1985
Sigurdsen, Gertrud 520 47 volumes 1964-2000
Solna socialdemokratiska kvinnoklubb (Solna Social Democratic Women’s Club) 2648 6 volumes 1949
Sonntag, Wolfgang och Anne-Marie 665 64 volumes 1930s-2003
Stiftelsen hembiträdesföreningarnas hem (The Domestic Servants’ Associations’ Home) 1233 5 volumes 1932-1970
Stockholms fackliga centralorganisations kvinnosektion (The Stockholm Trade Union Organization, Women’s Section) 2817 6 volumes 1935-1950
Stockholms läns socialdemokratiska kvinnodistrikt (The Stockholm County Social Democratic Women’s District) 2705 Approx. 50 volumes 1929-1993
Stockholms socialdemokratiska kvinnodistrikt (The Stockholm Social Democratic Women’s District) 2704 Approx. 160 volumes 1932-1999
Stockholms syndikalistiska kvinnoklubb (The Stockholm Syndicalist Women’s Club) 1878 2 volumes 1930-1940s
Sundbom, Annie Marie 3275 120 volumes + 3 boxes 1960-2000
Svenska kvinnors vänsterförbund (Left Federation of Swedish Women) 4874 65 volumes 1947-1966
Svenska kvinnors vänsterförbund avdelning Fyrklövern (The Left Federation of Swedish Women, Fyrklövern section) 3570 1 vol. 1951-1989
Sveriges socialdemokratiska kvinnoförbund (The National Federation of Social Democratic Women in Sweden) 2702 Approx. 580 volumes 1907-2000
Theorin, Maj Britt 1839 13 volumes + 23 shelf metres Circa 1970-2002
Thorsson, Inga 575 Approx. 460 volumes 1940s-1992
Zammert, Anna och Paul 627 2 volumes 1918-1968
Öhman, Gunnar and Rodney 638 7 volumes 1945-1964

Using the catalogue

Note the following about the different fields and sections when using the catalogue:


The Labour Movement Archives and Library holds more than 5,000 archives and collections, varying in size from a few centimetres to several hundred metres of shelf space. From these holdings, we have selected archives classified as ‘female’ (individuals or organizations) and containing documentation of any kind of international contacts. For practical reasons, no ‘male’ archives or similar have been included, although there are a number of these at the Labour Movement Archives and Library which contain international material with a link to women and women’s issues.

Reference no.

The Labour Movement Archives and Library’s unique collection code for the archive or collection.


This field refers to the collection as a whole. In several cases-but not always-the size of the international documents is specified under Content.


This field indicates the period for the collection as a whole. Information on the life of the archive creator and dates of the international material are specified under Content.


This section provides a short biographical description of the archive creator as well as records of the material in the archive which is of an international nature. Wherever practicable, we have sought to specify the size of the international material in terms of both volume and time period. It is assumed users will be aware that association archives normally contain minutes, cashbooks, letters and the like, and that the primary language is Swedish.