Visit us

Swedish Labour Movement’s Archive and Library are open for all. Only at our premisese can we offer full service.

Visiting and postal address is Elektronvägen 2, HUDDINGE. 

Get GPS-coordinates.

 Description and map on how to get to our premises.

Description of how to walk from commuter station Flemingsberg

  • Choose the north exit from Flemingsberg’s station (towards Visättra/Industriområde)
  • Continue along the designated walkway
  • Continue straight ahead in the intersection of Björnkullevägen/Regulatorsvägen
  • Walk alongside a large industrial building, cirka 300 meters
  • Turn left onto Elektronvägen

Communications from Stockholm

  • Commuter train: commuter train from Stockholm Central towards Södertälje hamn/Södertälje/Tumba. Do note! Get off station at north exit/by the end of the train.
  • Alternative traveling route: consult the traveling information service of

Communications to Stockholm

  • Commuter train: commuter train from Flemingsberg towards Stockholm Central/Uppsala.
  • Alternative traveling route: consult the traveling information service of

Food & Beverages

We have a small kitchenette at our premises which you can use for heating food, as well as a lunch room. There’s coffee and tea. The essentials consiting of microwave, boiler cutlery and porcelain are also free to use.

Facilities which you can book

We have a smaller room for 4-6 people which you can book in advance. For larger groups consisting of roughly 60 persons we have a larger conference room.

Do you have a limited amount of time and for example have to read through a lot of microform in one day, it could be worth making a reservation for the microform reader. Contact the research desk.

Study visits / guided tours

We offer guided tours for groups free of charge, 1-2 hours each. In such a tour we offer:

  • information about us from our history until today’s date,
  • a tour around the premises,
  • information about catalogues and descriptions to the material,
  • examples from the collections.

The groups should maximum consist of 15 people, and the guided tour should be taken during our opening hours.

For more information and for booking a tour, contact the research desk.