The world in the basement

This is an introduction to the international material in Swedish Labour Movement’s Archives and Library’s archives and collections. Originally a printed book, here presented as a digital downloadable digital version, scanned from the original. 

About the book

From its earliest beginning the Swedish labour movement has had contacts, relations and collaboration with the labour movement in other countries. This exchange and collaboration has left its marks on both the archives and collections of books preserved at the Labour Movement Archives and Library that social history research and, in particular, the historiography of the labour movement have been able to exploit over the years.

Our 100th birthday in 2002 was a natural occasion for presenting part of our material in more detail, particularly that of international import. The articles were written by our archivists and librarians.

Details on the digital version

Images have been removed for copyright reasons, however all captions remain. No OCR conversion has been implemented in the current version, which means you can not select or search within the text. For a Swedish version of the book, please visit the Swedish page of publications.


The complete book

The separate articles

The book is available in print also. You can borrow it or buy it.