Archive & library requests

We store our collections in our storage facilities, which mean that you have to make a request in advance of visiting us. Different rules apply for different materials. Basic principal is that everything can be lent as a reading room loan and studied at our premises. 

Archival material

Make a request

Make requests via our archival catalogue.

Home loans?


Reading-room loans?

All archival material are for in-house use only.

Inter-archival loans?

Only allowed as an exception. Contact the Research desk on this matter.

Material that is not accessible

  • Material that is being organized is  generally not accessible for loans. 
  • Material that requires  permission to use that you have not been granted. Material that is considered to be too frail.

Library material

Make a reservation

Make requests or reservations via our library catalogue.

Home loans?

Yes. Generally books younger than 100 years.

Reading-room loans?

Brochures, magazines, journals, papers and books or rare prints that are older than 100 years.

Inter-library loans?

Inter-library loans are only granted for books and brochures younger than 100 years and are made only to other libraries through the collaboration of Libris interlibrary loans.

Material that is not accessible

Material that is considered to be too  fragil. Rare prints, regardless of age.

Lending rules and regulations at the Swedish Labour Movement’s Archives and Library

 Lending rules and regulations for archive and library material

Hours for requests from the storage facilities


  Time of request Material is accessible  
Tuesday-Thursday The previous day, at 16.00 At 10.30
  By the latest, at 12.45 At 14.00