Audiovisual requests

In our collections there are roughly one million photographies of which 70.000 are described in our registers. An increasing amount are digitalized. Photographs may be considered source material in research, or to be used for illustrations in books and  exhibitions. We also store a large collection of movies, audios, digital and analogue.

You can only search amongsth our auidovisual material at our premises, via our registers or manually in the material. We do not lend out material, but deliver copies for payment.

  • Make request ahead of time. We normally take up to two weeks to process a request.
  • In general we do not own the copyright to the materials in our collections. You have to solve that issue before using the material for any kind of public use.
  • The requests are always dealt with throught research desk. On spot or through e-mail: forskarexpedition [a]

If you have a single, or very well defined question, we may give you service through telephone or e-mail to search for any likely hits in the registers.

How to refer to the material you wish to request

When you find material that you wish to purchase copies of, do note the following information regarding each photograph in your request:

  • Description: bildtext, motiv, årtal eller dylik information.
  • Owner of Copyright: photographer, agency or other.
  • Search pathway: creator of archive, volume, folder and number.

If you forget or miss any of this information it is often a time consuming effort to find it afterwards.

When publishing the following applies

You always must supply information about:

  • Name of owner of copyright.
  • Archival institutions: Swedish Labour Movement’s Archives and Library (Arbetarrörelsens arkiv och bibliotek).
  • Creator of archive: As an example “The archive of Alva och Gunnar Myrdal”.


The name of owner of copyright is important. If we have information about the owner of copyright we always supply this to the requester, but it is your responsability as a requester to find out who owns the copyright.
If you fail to identify the copyright holder after reasonable effort, you can anywhere in connection with the publication add, for example, this formulation:

The author has tried to contact copyright holders. If there is someone who claims to copyright in this publication, please contact the editors/writer.


We always charge a fee for copies.

By commercial usage we also charge a user’s fee. We however do not charge this for private or scientific use, or in historical publications for labour organizations, other similar membership or non-profit organizations, or in an educational activity without commercial purposes.

What you pay in the end for the publication are just our fees plus the amounth that the owner of the copyright might charge you.

Fees Explanations
+ Copy fee 200 SEK/item
Our fee is for the administration and supplying the item.
+ User fee
None-commercial use
or User fee
Commercial use
700 SEK/item
The size of the fee depends on how you intend to use the item: non-commercial or commercial.
Here our fees ends. Normally 900 SEK/item, however way you wish to have it delivered.
+  Possible fee to the owner of copyright
It is your responsability as a requester of copyright material to investigate the rights and permits.

In the case of us owning the copyright you will be told. We do not charge anything extra as copyright owner.

=  Total sum
The total sum includes our fees plus the possible fee to the copyright owner.


If you wish paper copies of photographs we deliver your request to an external photographer (with a separate fees for charge).

We deliver digitally as follows:

  • E-mail – If the file/files are less than 25 MB
  • FTP – You will receive instructions before delivery