Audiovisual Requests

In our collections there are roughly 1.5 million photographs of which an increasing number have been digitalised. We also store a large collection of movies and audios tapes, both digital and analogue.

You can only search among our auidovisual material at our premises, via our registers or manually in the material. We do not lend out material, but deliver copies for a fee.

  • Make requests ahead of time. We normally take up to two weeks to process a request.
  • In general, we do not own the copyright of the materials in our collections. You have to solve that issue yourself before using the material for any kind of public use.
  • The requests are always dealt with through the research desk. At our premises or through e-mail: forskarexpedition[a]

If you have a single, or very well-defined question, made via telephone or email, we may be able to do a search for any likely photographs or audiovisual materials that meet your description.

How to refer to the material you wish to request

When you find material that you wish to purchase copies of, do note the following information regarding each photograph in your request:

  • Description: Picture caption, what is depicted, year or other information.
  • Owner of copyright: Photographer, agency or other.
  • Search pathway: Creator of archive, volume, folder and number.

If you forget or miss any of this information it is often a time consuming effort to find it afterwards.

When publishing, the following applies

You always must supply information about:

  • Name of the owner of the copyright.
  • Archival institution: Swedish Labour Movement’s Archives and Library (Arbetarrörelsens arkiv och bibliotek).
  • Creator of archive: For example, “The archive of Alva och Gunnar Myrdal”.


The name of the owner of the copyright is important. If we have information about the owner of the copyright, we always supply this to the requester, but it is your responsibility as a requester to find out who owns the copyright.
If you fail to identify the copyright holder after a reasonable effort, you can, upon publication, include for example this formulation:

The author has tried to contact the copyright holder. If there is someone who claims to have a copyright in this publication, please contact the editors/writer.