Lectures and papers from the ”International Labour Movement…” workshop in October 2002

In 2002, when we, the Labour Movement Archives and Library, celebrated our centennial jubilee, we arranged an international workshop about The International Labour Movement on the Thresholds of Two Centuries.

Below is a list of lectures and papers from the workshop that took place 24th and 25th of October 2002. Some of them are available in full text as pdf files.

Lectures and papers

E. Attila Aytekin (Binghamton University, NY):
The Ottoman-Turkish Labour Movement and International Solidarity – A Hundred Years Ago, A Hundred Years Later

Stefan Berger (University of Glamorgan, Wales):
Communism, Social Democracy and the Democracy Gap

Gerd Callesen (Labour Movement Library and Archives, Copenhagen):
Aspects of Internationalism at the Turn of the 19th/20th Century

Anthony Carew (University of Manchester):
Free Trade Unionism in the International Context

Niels Finn Christiansen (University of Copenhagen):
Nationalist Challenges – The Dilemmas of Nordic Welfare Policies

Christine Collette (Edge Hill College for Higher Education, England):
The Second International and its Bureau, 1900-1905

Ralph Darlington (University of Salford, England):
Revolutionary Syndicalism – Classical and Contemporary Forms

Bruno Groppo (Université de Paris 1):
Recent Trends in Labour History in France and Italy

Rebecca Gumbrell-McCormick (University of London):
The International Labour Movement and the Debate over the Regulation and Democratisation of the Economy

Jonas Hinnfors (Gothenburg University):
A Tale of Ideological Stability

Yvonne Hirdman (Stockholm University and Swedish National Institute of Working Life):
The Importance of Gender in the Swedish Labor Movement – Or: A Swedish Dilemma

Richard Hyman (London School of Economics):
The International Labour Movement on the Threshold of Two Centuries. Agitation, Organisation, Bureaucracy, Diplomacy

Anders Kjellberg (University of Lund and Swedish National Institute of Working Life):
Nordic Trade Unions from an International Perspective

Marcel van der Linden (International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam, and University of Amsterdam):
The ICFTU at the Crossroads – An Historical Interpretation

Flemming Mikkelsen (Aalborg University, Denmark): Working-class Formation in Europe and Forms of Integration – History and Theory

Robert D. Reynolds, Jr. (National Labor College at the George Meany Center for Labor Studies, Silver Spring, Maryland):
Labour at Leisure – Not Time to be Wasted. Global Professional Sports, Artistic Endeavours, and Higher Education, 1902 & 2002

Eric Shaw (University of Stirling, Scotland):
The Role of the British Labour Party a Century On

Reiner Tosstorff (Universität Mainz, Germany):
The IFTU on its Hundredth Anniversary – Re-considering an Experience of International Trade Unionism. VSA-Verlag, Kurze Geschichte des Internationalen Gewerkschaftsbundes, 85 Jahre Amsterdamer Internationale.

Hoyt N. Wheeler (University of South Carolina):
Producers of the World Unite! The Return of the Reformist Unionism

Klas Åmark (Stockholm University): The Scandinavian Labour Movement on the Treshold of Two Centuries