Workshop: Feminism in international labour organizations

  • Workshopen är en del av seminarieserien Global arbetarhistoria

This workshop is part of the seminar series “Global arbetarhistoria” arranged by Arbetarrörelsens arkiv och bibliotek and Södertörns högskola. The workshop is funded by Vetenskapsrådet.


Silke Neunsinger (ARAB) & Ylva Waldemarson (Södertörn University) Welcome and practical information


Dorothy Sue Cobble (Rutgers University), The 1919 ILO and the Rise of Transnational Labor Feminism


Yevette Richards Jordan (George Mason University), The Structure of Women’s Committees: Race and Gender Strategies for Inclusion in Labor Movements.

14.50 Coffee break


Maria Bosdotter (former Handelsanställdas förbund) & Jonny Hjelm (Umeå University): Maria Bosdotter union activist and second wave feminist


Mary Margaret Fonow (Arizona State University): Feminist Politics and Transnational Labor Activism


Suzanne Franzway (University of South Australia): Transnational labour activism and greedy institutions

18.00 Final discussion

Coffee, tea, fruit and sandwiches will be served during the seminar

Plats : Arbetarrörelsen arkiv och bibliotek, Elektronvägen 2, Huddinge

Obs! Workshopen kommer att spelas in av UR (Utbildningsradion).

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Literature from the participants mentioned above:

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finns även på svenska: ”Vänskap bortom Atlanten : Arbetarfeminismens internationella kontakter efter andra världskriget” i Arbetarhistoria 2009 [1-2=129-130], s. 12-20

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