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Risto Turunen: Shades of Red: Evolution of the Political Language of Finnish Socialism, 1895–1917

maj 11 @ 14:00 - 14:45

Arbetare på den finska tidningen Työmies (betyder arbetare).

Welcome to a Nordic Labour History Network webinar

Risto Turunen presents results from his doctoral thesis Shades of Red. In his academic work he scrutinizes the evolution of Finnish socialism from the late 19th century until the Civil War of 1918.

While the first wave of quantitative studies of labour history focused on ”hard” numerical sources, nowadays it is also possible to analyze large datasets of machine-readable texts computationally. A simple method from corpus linguistics will be introduced as an example. The computational analysis of Finnish labour press shows its surprisingly wide conceptual variation over time. This would be difficult to grasp with more traditional methods. According to the main argument, the political language of socialism is not an autonomous system but constantly changes in interaction with its complex societal environment.

In addition to describing and explaining the major trends of the evolution of Finnish socialism, the lecture will comment on the prospects and pitfalls of ”digital turn” for the future study of proletarian imaginations.

The lecturer Risto Turunen is a doctoral candidate in history at Tampere University. He will defend his thesis Shades of Red: Evolution of the Political Language of Finnish Socialism in the spring 2021. 

The seminar is free of charge and open to the public. Please register before the 10 May through filling in the form below. You will receive a zoom-link by e-mail.

Questions: silke.neunsinger [a]

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