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Pågående projekt / Ongoing projects

Mind the gap! An entangled history of economic citizenship and the demand for equal pay 1945-2000

Focuses on the importance of international and transnational entanglements for the development of economic citizenship, i.e. national and international unions’ demands for equal pay between 1945-2000. [...] We use the hermeneutical approach of Histoire croisée, which contains both elements of comparative analysis and transfer analysis and focuses on the assimilation and adaptation of entanglements, but does not neglect the fractions and differences between different levels.

Towards a global history of consumer co-operation

This project will establish a global network of scholars with the aim of producing a global history of the consumer co-operative movement. This will take the form of a book. Combined with statistical information and bibliographies, the anthology is intended above all to create a resource for future studies on the co-operative movement, and will be of interest not only to historians of social movements and consumption, but also to co-operative activists.

Avslutade projekt / Past projects

Worlds of Women - International Material in ARAB’s Collections

A project that aims to inspire researchers, both academics and those actively interested in researching working women’s history, to look beyond national borders. This is an overview of available sources at the Labour Movement Archives and Library (ARAB) in form of essays and inventories.

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